I have an exciting announcement for you!!! Daniel McCormick is coming to speak here for three nights, Nov. 14, 15, and 16th!!!!   Daniel was in Phoenix last summer and his meetings were extended because the Holy Spirit was moving in such a great way that they didn't want to stop!  The same thing happened when he went to Modesto afterwards!  The meetings he started continued after he left, and his last count was 75 days !
Our dear friend John Hardy contacted him and he agreed to come out here, all the way from North Carolina!!!  The flyer below gives more details and info on him.
Our last two meetings with Paul Rapley were power-packed!!!  There were over 30 healings in each meeting!  One woman came with extreme pain from MS.  She wasn't able to walk straight because of it.  By the end of the meeting, she had no pain and was walking normally!!!  She was able to go back to work as a caregiver!  Yaaaaaay Jesus!!!!!
Please come to the meetings and bring your family and friends!  Come early to get a seat, as there will be people here from Phoenix and California!!! 
         There is no charge for the meetings, and an offering will be taken each night for the speaker. No child care is provided.
  See you there!!
In Christ's love,
Ginny Hruza
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 House of Mercy- Holy Spirit Meetings Sundays 3pm at the Church for the Nations facility
      1959 Commerce Center Circle, Prescott 86301
    This is a free environment for the Holy Spirit to minister     
        This group comes weekly to minister in Prescott on Sunday afternoons
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The following meeting has been advertised by
    Realms of Glory Ministries by Steve and Diane Berry
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